Detroit Metro featured on Wired!

A bit late for me to post this, but a great piece was posted at Wired Science on Wednesday that includes 13 amazing fantasy transit maps from around the United States. I’m honored to say that mine was one of them. They all deserve your time and the writeup is well done, so take a look at the post here! And special thanks to the folks at DETROITography for making this happen!

The Detroit Metro

Here it is – a revised version of my Detroit Metro concept. Visit the map-specific page for a lot more about this map and the process of creating it. And if you’re from Detroit / southeast Michigan and have a suggestion for the map, let me know in the comments below.

Also check out the link to the right if you’re interested in a t-shirt or print from Zazzle.

Here’s an inverted color version. What do you think?

Detroit Metro Inverted

New Maps

I’ve posted my old Detroit fantasy map and a new Kalamazoo fantasy map. Check them out! The new version of the Detroit map will also be up soon.


This site hosts my various subway and metro system creations, especially fantasy maps. I’ll also occasionally post things of interest related to public transit.

Have a look around! I hope you enjoy these maps as much as I do.