Past East Asian Politics Workshop Schedules

Spring 2016 Presentations

January 19: “Why Do Emerging Donor Countries Want to Join an International Aid Regime?: The Case of South Korea”

Presenter: Seokjoon Kim, GWU

February 9: “Identity, State Interest, and Framing Indigenous Rights: Explaining the Gap between Japanese Recognition of Ainu and Okinawan Indigeneity”

Presenter: Daisuke Minami, GWU

March 1: “Stepping Out from Under the Umbrella: Why Do Allies Decide to Go Nuclear?”

Presenter: Jooeun Kim, Georgetown University

March 22: “Compatriots or Collaborators?: Views of Muslim Minorities in China After the Kunming Attacks”

Presenters: Jackson Woods, GWU and Allison Quatrini, GWU

April 12: “China’s Major-Powers Discourse in the Xi Jinping Era”

Presenter: See-Won Byun, GWU

Fall 2015 Presentations

September 22: “Learning to Fight: South Korean Counter-Insurgency Experience, 1947-1953”

Presenter: Seungjoon Paik, GWU

October 20: “China’s Vaccine Strategy: An Authoritarian Regime’s Counter-Strategy to Cope with Western Democracy Promotion”

Presenter: Sungmin Cho, Georgetown University

November 17: “The Politics of Privatization: Electoral Competition and Public Sector Privatization in India”

Presenter: Varun Piplani, GWU

December 8: “‘Party’ Politics: Ethnic Minority Holiday Celebrations and their Political Characteristics in the People’s Republic of China”

Presenters: Allison Quatrini, GWU

Spring 2015 Presentations

February 17: “Political Participation, Public Goods Provision, and Political Support in China”

Presenter: Zhou Liao, GWU

March 3: “‘Normalizing’ Japan?: Identity Contestation and Security Policy Change in the Postwar Era”

Presenter: Daisuke Minami, GWU

April 7 (replacement for originally scheduled presenter): “Hot Air?: The 2013 East China Sea ADIZ Announcement in the Chinese Media”

Presenter: Jackson Woods, GWU

May 5: “Stepping out from under the Umbrella: Crisis Management and Allies’ Nuclear Proliferation”

Presenter: Jooeun Kim, Georgetown University